HCH and Pesticides Forum on obsolete pesticides in Spain, 3-6 November 2015

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The biannual HCH and Pesticides Forum will be organised in Spain from 3-6 November 2015. The main objectives of this Forum are:

  • to review past and ongoing activities in the field of obsolete pesticides problems in Spain, Central European and EECCA (Easte European, Caucasus and Central Asia) Countries, Africa, Asia and South America;
  • to review recommendations from the 12th Forum (in Kiev, Ukraine) for concrete actions in the EECCA region and assess results;
  • to discuss the national and regional strategies, action plans and financial resources for elimination of the obsolete pesticides – from discussion to action;
  • to review and exchange technologies and experiences on inventory, risk assessment, environmental impact assessment of central stores, environmentally sound management, storage and destruction of obsolete pesticides and contaminated soils;
  • to discuss and review awareness raising activities on the obsolete pesticides problems (globally, regionally, nationally and locally);
  • to show successful regional and national initiatives, engagement of NGOs and academic institutions.

Please find the 1st announcement of the forum here:


And see the following introduction to the Forum:

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