Azerbaijan reports to have approximately 4,000 metric tonnes of obsolete pesticides. At the central pesticides landfill at Jangi, concrete cells for the disposal of obsolete pesticides have been reconstructed and newly built within the “complex plan of measures set for improvement of the environmental situation in the Azerbaijan Republic, 2006-2010” which has been adopted by the Azerbaijan government. The landfill is now fenced and supplied with a security system under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.

At present public awareness work, risk assessment and inventories are undertaken in three regions within the GEF/FAO EECCA project, co-financed by the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. In November 2011, within a pilot project in the Ganja area on safeguarding, 65 tons of obsolete pesticides at 4 different sites have been repackaged and brought to the central landfill. At the same time a short assessment of the polydophen (DDT) site in Salyan, an emergency site located near Baku, has been made to provide more data for fast follow-up actions.

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