The amount of obsolete pesticides in the country is reported to be 3,583 metric tonnes.

An EC-twinning project is expected to start in December 2011, including establishment of a POPs database and implementation of a legislation framework. The inventory process is in progress.

200 metric tonnes have been inventoried and safeguarded in the Kakheti region (by Milieukontakt, 2008) and within a micro-support project in the framework of the GEF/FAO EECCA project a further 18 sites will be inventoried in spring 2012. Further repackaging is expected to take place in the planned GEF/UNEP DDT Programme (minimum 60 tonnes of (mainly) DDT), and disposal of 200 tonnes of POPs and approximately 600 tonnes of soil at the Ialguga landfill financed by the GEF/UNDP.

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