The estimated amount of obsolete pesticides is reported to be 10,000 metric tonnes.

In 2009, the programme Zhasyl lady for 2010-2014 was adopted, after a request by the Ministry of Environment to FAO. The implementation of this action plan includes a detailed inventory of all types of persistent organic pollutants and obsolete pesticides, the creation of a space for temporary storage of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)-containing equipment and POPs waste, and plans for clean-up of obsolete pesticides that have been stored and/or buried.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has submitted a request to FAO to participate in the Programme for the environmentally sound management of pesticides in Turkey and Central Asian countries for 2012 – 2014. Given the difficulties in transporting hazardous waste from Kazakhstan to Europe, it is now being considered to build within Kazakhstan a thermal treatment plant for hazardous waste, including obsolete pesticides.

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