Development of the NIP was supported by the GEF/UNEP. Kyrgyzstan reports 3,000 metric tonnes of obsolete pesticides. An inventory project Technical Investigations of Obsolete Pesticides in the Kyrgyz Republic was funded in 2009 by the World Bank and comprised among others inventories and risk assessments (FAO method). The study revealed that ten of 25 sites are high-priority sites with a total of 250 metric tonnes. The assessment also shows that an estimated 1,000 metric tonnes is exposed at the burial site Suzak A, and another 2,000 metric tonnes are still buried in trenches (October 2009).

Repackaging and storage have been completed in one (out of the seven) region. 100 metric tonnes of obsolete pesticides are located in a temporary collection centre in Osh. Kyrgyzstan is part of the Management of Prohibited and Obsolete Pesticides in Central Asia FAO/IPM project (2011) funded by Turkey and participates in the GEF/UNEP DDT project (2011-2015).

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