The NIP (supported by the GEF/UNEP) is in its finalization phase. According to the latest estimation there are approximately 32,000 metric tonnes of obsolete pesticides. In 2009-2010, around 2,000 metric tonnes of obsolete pesticides have been exported to and destroyed in Germany. In 2008, in a project implemented by Milieukontakt and Mama-86, a FAO inventory has been implemented in the Kiev Oblast and about 100 metric tonnes have been safeguarded. These obsolete pesticides have been destroyed in the meantime with national funding.

The largest site (obsolete pesticides are only part of the issue) is the mining complex area at Kalush with at present more than 20,000 metric tonnes of HCB left. At the end of 2010, already 8500 tons of HCB have been excavated, repackaged, and transported by ship to the United Kingdom for final destruction. UAH 400,000,000 (approximately EUR 35,000,000) from the State Reserve Fund has been allocated for environmental management in the mining area.

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