Knowledge for organic

Improving organic food and farming through research

Organic food and farming is knowledge intensive. As IFOAM Organics Europe, we connect organic actors and promote knowledge exchange to continue improving organic practices so they fully achieve organic’s principles. We care for participatory research and translate research outcomes into recommendations for policymakers and practitioners.

Bram Moeskops Research & Innovation advocacy TP Organics
Bram Moeskops
Research & Innovation Manager

Organic farmers, processors, companies and civil society groups are eager to work with researchers to help organic deliver on its principles and transform Europe’s food and farming system. As IFOAM Organics Europe, we represent and engage all these actors in the projects we take part in. We bring the latest research findings to practitioners and ensure research meets their need and expectations. We also help building the organic sector’s innovation capacity and have ample experience setting up science-practice-policy dialogues.

IFOAM Organics Europe coordinates and takes part in a range of research projects that are key for developing the organic sector. Think about issues such as organic plant breeding and sustainability challenges such as contentious inputs.

We also take part in “thematic networks”, a specific type of projects compiling knowledge and disseminating best practices and research findings close to being put into practice. Currently, IFOAM Organics Europe coordinates coordinates a Horizon Europe project to achieve 25% organic farmland and a significant increase of organic aquaculture in the EU by 2030 and takes part in a thematic network on organic fruit production.

Moreover, we participate in projects tackling challenges beyond the organic sector, like climate neutral farming, and green public procurement.

IFOAM Organics Europe…

  • Partners in more than 10 running projects
  • Coordinated 3 projects (2015-2021)
  • More than 50% success rate in project applications
  • More than 30 members involved in ongoing Horizon 2020 projects
Projects IFOAM Organics Europe is involved in

ClieNFarms will set up 20 case studies to test solutions to reach climate-neutral farms;

Climate Farm Demo will set up a network of pilot farms in Europe and associated countries to increase and speed-up the adoption of climate smart farming practices.

ECO-Ready will develop an observatory providing up-to-date information on climate issues for society, policy, business, farms, and consumers

EU-FarmBook will support agricultural knowledge exchange by developing and maintaining an easily accessible EU-wide digital platform for practitioners in agriculture, forestry, and other rural sectors;

FoodShift2030 will launch an ambitious, citizen-driven transition of Europe’s food system to a low carbon, circular future;

InterCropValuES  aims to exploit the benefits of intercropping. It will create a better understanding of the functioning of intercropping systems and make a detailed analysis of lock-ins and levers for intercropping at the value chain level. It will identify credible solutions that can be adopted by farmers and value chain actors.

IPMWorks will build a European farm network to demonstrate integrated pest management (IPM) strategies and to promote the adoption of such strategies via knowledge exchange;