What are new GMOs and why we need to keep them regulated

This 3:21 minutes long video explains what are GMOs, what are new GMOs, also called NGTs, and why it is important to regulate them at the EU level with strict provisions on risk assessment, traceability throughout the whole supply chain, and consumer labelling. 

Watch the full version on our Youtube channel.
Watch the full version with German subtitles (Thank you, Bioland!)

Video snippet #1: Issues our food system is facing
Video snippet #2: Plant breeding: how (new) GMOs forcibly accelerate this & needed EU Regulation
Video snippet #3: Our future food system, a symptom and profit-based one or a system-solution?

To learn more about this topic, visit our website page dedicated to GMOs and NGTs: https://www.organicseurope.bio/what-we-do/gmos/

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